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compare3D helps you find the right 3D printer, 3D scanner, filament and resin for your application. Easily match your needs with the available technology. The result will be the best fitting solution for your application. compare3D now.


The market for 3D scanners, 3D printers, filament and resin is developing fast. It's hard to keep track and find the best technology.



Your comparison is free of charge. Simply compare and find the best solution on the market for your use case.


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Simply tell us your needs and parameters. We appreciate your visit and try our very best to meet your needs.

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Most suitable Printers

Individualization of products is a mega trend and will change future manufacturing. With the right 3D Printer you can make your idea physical. compare3D helps you to find the most suitable printer for your needs.

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Insane 3D Scanners

Printable data could be constructed or 3D scanned. You can use 3D Scanners to digitize physical objects easily. Find the right system for your needs. compare3D here.

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Nice Materials

The best 3D Printer is worthless without the right material. Find here the best material for your use case. compare3D materials now.

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